Happy Summer Vacations!

It was a great season for HealThink, full of new partners, interesting collaborations, and challenging projects! Now it’ s time to rest our mind and soul… For the next three weeks, we will only share with you our warmest wishes for beautiful summer vacations! Enjoy!

“Health IT” Conference

Dr. Panos Stafylas during his participation at the HealthIT conference, highlighted the vital importance of the structured evaluation of new technologies based...

“Health IT” Conference

The “Health IT” Conference will take place online at 21 & 22nd of June 2022. The conference focuses on the DigitalHealth transformation in the post Covid era. HealThink actively supports and participates ..

More innovation or valued innovation?

There is a growing optimism worldwide that digital health transformation and the implementation of digital solutions will improve the immense burden of chronic diseases to patients and the healthcare system.