The expanding demand and cost of innovative solutions and the limited resources of the complex health care systems challenge decision-makers to better allocate their available resources in the most efficient way. Decision-making and health policy have to be supported by a multi-disciplinary assessment of health, economic and other outcomes of the alternative solutions from all relevant perspectives.
HealThink ’s mission is to meet this specific demand, to support decision-makers, industry and other stakeholders, providing systematic, transparent, unbiased and evidence-based assessments using a robust methodology.
Modern healthcare environment is a very challenging area that demands an experienced partner who can creatively Think how to succesfully deliver innovative solutions in the Health sector using all modern IT advancements, while operating on time and on budget, aiming at providing the best possible outcome.
Inspired by the synthesis of key words Health, IT and Think and their combined significance to current demands, HealThink  was founded to provide high class research, innovation and development services in the health and social care sector.
HealThink has accumulated significant research experience, having coordinated, evaluated or participated in numerous public or private projects at European, national or local level, in different therapeutic areas and health technologies, including medications, eHealth and integrated care.