Research data and real-world evidence form the backbone of any study or research project. Our multidisciplinary team provides a unique combination of rigorous clinical understanding and comprehensive statistical knowledge, enabling us to offer a broad range of data management services and deliver the most meaningful answers to our clients’ questions.
Data quality and integrity are of paramount importance for a successful project and the basis for this is a clear Data Management Plan covering collection, organization, use, storage, contextualization, preservation and sharing of research data.
It is worthwhile to think early about managing data: Do so ahead of time rather than having to react and improvise towards the end of a project with the additional pressure of time and money weighing on successful completion. By looking ahead, a plan can focus on resources, identify responsibilities, highlight problems allowing for consideration of solutions before potential problems become insurmountable obstacles to long-term preservation and sharing.
HealThink supports data collection, data quality assurance, data management and analysis. Our statisticians specialize in health and social care projects, identify and apply complex methods so as to ensure that the results and clinical implications of the statistical analysis are interpreted and communicated correctly and persuasively for the purposes of the project.
HealThink provides a wide range of data analytics and business intelligence solutions to address the challenging research questions our clients pose, to predict future outcomes and to optimize care pathways or health units’ workflows.
Our team of experts always identifies the most appropriate methods to perform effective and efficient statistical analysis from the project outset. We have designed databases for international projects, monitored data collection and applied continuous data quality control in various projects.
Our clients:
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Regional Health Authorities
  • Municipalities/Regions
  • European consortia
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical Devices Manufactures
  • Private eHealth/mHealth companies
Our achievements:
Our team has contributed to the design of the databases for three European projects, which have been performed in 18 different countries, and has taken over the tasks of monitoring data collection, data management, quality assurance, statistical analysis, interpretation and presentation of the results. Moreover, we have developed Markov models and discrete event simulation models for pharmaceutical companies, for European Regional Health Authorities and hospitals.
  • Data Management Plan
  • Database and registry design
  • Real-world evidence: data collection and analytics
  • Big data analytics
  • Patients’ and physicians’ surveys
  • Statistical analyses
  • Advanced statistical modeling and predictive analytics
  • Meta-analyses
  • Simulation techniques