Ethics is the part of philosophy that deals with questions about moral values and norms, i.e., what is good or bad (what is a good life for humans?) and what is right and wrong (what is the right way for a human to act in a given situation?) respectively.
Bioethics is a branch of ethics, which is the interdisciplinary study of problems created by biological and medical progress, and its impact on society and value system, both for now and for the future.
The rise of bioethics over the last decades is due to the enormous advances in biotechnology and pharmacology, which led to drastic changes in medical knowledge and practice. Moreover, the sociocultural context of medical practice has changed, so that personal autonomy and patient’s right to make his/her own health care decisions has become a fundamental principle.
In Health Technology Assessment (HTA), ethical aspect deals with moral norms and values relevant to the technology in question, including prevailing norms and values and the norms and values constructed by putting the technology into use. In addition, ethical aspects deal with moral questions related to preforming the HTA itself.
In eHealth and telemedicine ethical aspect deals with the personal conduct and relationships between physicians and patients/ patients’ families, patient’s privacy and safety, human values, the process of involving patients and protecting their autonomy and the weighing of the benefits.
In clinical research, ethical aspect deals with the increasingly complex and fast-paced ethical challenges of pharmaceutical and medical research, such as the rights and well-being of human research participants and patients, and the integrity of the scientific process and its applications for healthcare.
HealΤhink realizes the importance of bioethics and the ethical challenges that arise relatively to healthcare and health research, offering full scale bioethics consultancy in the healthcare sector.
We offer advice to research and academic institutions, regions and municipalities, pharmaceutical industries, researchers and research staff, SMEs/other companies involved or willing to be involved in health and social care delivery, covering the following topics:
  • Principles of Bioethics
  • Human Rights
  • Ethical Committee approval
  • Informed Consent
  • Privacy
  • Data protection
  • Data sharing
Moreover, HealΤhink has the expertise to provide consultation on the legal issues related to the above-mentioned services, such as the approval of the Data Protection Authority for the collection, processing and storage of data, liability of physicians, certification of the technological devices, European and Greek legislation about research and e health and other legal issues that arise from healthcare and medical research.
Our specialized team has participated in European and Greek e-health research projects, taking over the design of the informed consent forms and the data sharing agreements and the assessment of the legal, ethical, and social aspects of the specific projects.