Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical industries have grown significantly in recent years and are projected to grow even faster due to the many advances in medicine and the complexities of changing technologies. Public and private organisations target at delivering higher levels of customer and patient satisfaction by improving the overall performance of their employees.
Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are seeking for cost-effective and sustainable training solutions in order to upgrade the abilities of their employees, improve their knowledge and add various skills so as to meet their objectives and follow the latest healthcare developments.
HealThink can provide a thorough training and development strategy, crucial for any ambitious healthcare organization. To provide the highest quality care, you need well-educated personnel that will continually improve both their personal and business performance.
Our company can help you design and implement a training strategy, provide high quality but cost-effective training courses that keep your organization compliant. It is one of the aims of our company to offer appropriate and effective training in terms of learning, skill development and positive behavior change.
HealThink’s consultants with University - teaching experience, both under and post-graduate, are ready to provide training courses on their expertise to private and public organizations, academic and research institutes, consortiums or other projects/studies’ participants etc.

Our clients:
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Public organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Universities/Research Organisations
  • International consortia (European projects)
  • eHealth companies/other SMEs
  • Individuals (managers, decision-makers, health professionals, other)
Our company can offer training services for the following topics which fall in the expertise of our consultants:
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Clinical research methodology
  • Legal & bioethical issues around clinical research and eHealth